G.I. Joe, a Real American Hero™ #44A

Condition Very Fine
Cover Price 0.75
Cover Date 2/1/1986
No. of Pages 32
Color Color
Genre Action; Adventure; War
Plot The Joe team is out on manouvers when they are attacked by Cobra. Dr. Mindbender is trying to convince Destro and the Baroness to invest in his new weapon systems, which he is testing out on the newest Joe recruits.
Notes 1st printing - newsstand edition - (1982-1994) - 155 issue series 1st Appearance Airtight; 1st Appearance Bazooka; 1st Appearance Dr. Mindbender; 1st Appearance B.A.T.S.; 1st Appearance Crankcase; 1st Appearance Heavy Metal
Full Title Improvisation On A Theme

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