Her story began in the pages of Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's instant classic, BATMAN: YEAR ONE...and it continues here, in the CATWOMAN mini-series. When young Selina Kyle is assaulted by a criminal associate, she learns how to defend herself. And, she learns that murder comes easy to her. She learns that she is destined to be the Catwoman. The events that reshaped the life of Selina Kyle and her criminal alter ego the Catwoman are told here in shocking detail. 32 pages, FC. Suggested for Mature Readers. Cover price $1.50.
Clad in a costume that she once was compelled to wear to fit the tastes of a perverted customer, Selina Kyle is now transformed into a woman who won’t be a victim any more…Catwoman.

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Catwoman™ Vol. 1 Complete Set (4 Issues)

Condition: Near Mint (All 4 Issues)
Cover Price: $1.50
Cover Date: Feb-89 - May-89
No. of Pages: 32
Format: Color
Genre: Adventure, Mature
Story Title(s): Metamorphosis, Downtown Babylon, Gothic Baptism, Consecration
Notes: All issues autographed by Michael Bair - Mature Readers Only

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